The Quantum Pagan

I'm forever evolving and changing just like technology and nature.
I tend to be very reserved so I choose this as an outlet for me to continue to grow. This Page will grow and evolve as I do.

Who am I?

Wish I knew how to answer that. I’m sure other people do this or maybe it’s just me and that’s why I’m about explode. The person I am changes for each situation and for each group of friends and family. I hear people talking about “being themselves” with that special person and I wonder is it just another part of themselves that they are showing or is it everything? The good and the bad? If it’s just another face I have to put on then there’s hope for me yet. If it’s total exposure then I might as well give up now. Don’t think I can ever put a voice to the thoughts in my head.


It’s been almost a year since my last post. This year boils down to being “Unwanted”. I’m not going to bore anyone wuth the details but why finally make me happy just to take it all away?